Colombia 2019


NodeConf Colombia 2019 is the first international event focused on the entire Node.js ecosystem. It’s a non-profit event, where our attendees will be sharing in an environment of inclusion and respect, having access to relevant information through talks, workshops, and great experiences with the Colombian Node community.


Over the last 2 years, Anna has been one of the most active contributors to Node.js core. Currently pursuing a Master’s degree in mathematics in Germany, she is fueled by a passion for Node and its community.
Anna Henningsen
Tierney is a member of the Node.js Community Committee, a Senior Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft, and a contributor to various initiatives in the Node.js project focusing on the continued growth and success of the Node.js community.
Tierney Cyren
npm CLI maintainer; tc39 delegate; wealljs admin; cat mom
Kat Marchán
nearForm Community Engineering Manager & Node.js TSC
James Snell
Node.js core collaborator and a freelance software architect consultant. His main emphasis is building powerful and easy-to-use APIs for scalable and fast applications. He is continuously working with the V8 team and the TC39 committee to improve the developer experience with JavaScript.
Ruben Bridgewater
JS developer with a Computer Science degree and a passion for HCI. He was born in the southernmost place in America, Tierra del Fuego but he is living in La Plata these days where he co-founded GEUT along with Martin and Max. He also loves the community, in fact, in 2014 he co-founded LaPlataJS a local JS community.
Diego Paez
Community Support @GitHub, @USArmy Veteran, 🇨🇴 Immigrant Latina in technology, OSS superfan, & breast cancer slayer. She/Her/Hers. Opiniones son mías.
Andrea Griffiths
An informatics engineering student for the last semester, I'm working on my thesis right now, implementing a sentiment analysis app powered by Node to talk with IBM Watson to help the services problems info in my city, focusing all the work towards the transformation of a traditional city into a smart city.
Miguel Bolivar
Speaker, Software Consultant and community Co-organizer in Brazil. Named by Microsoft as Most Valuable Professional, and by Google as Google Developer Expert, a specialist in Node.js and Javascript Applications. Also working as voluntary Leader of NodeBR, Javascript São Paulo and Nerdzão Communities.
Erick Wendel
Open Sourcerer at @VSAppCenter Author of RxJS/@ReactiveX TC39 Member @Twitch streamer.
Matt Podwysocki
Core collaborator @nodejs, Prole @electronjs. International Speaker and JavaScript/C++ developer. Helping out with @v8js and @tc39. GSoC mentor and ex-student.
Ujjwal Sharma
Web security engineer. @nodejs collaborator .Unicorn admirer, cheese eater, Node.js Software engineer at @SqreenIO tweets are my own. My heart is in @strasbourg.
Vladimir Turckheim
Web Front-end Consultant and Trainer. Panelist @JSPartyFM. Former lead @ZURBFoundation. Coffee addict. He/Him.
Kevin Ball


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Complejo Ruta N Calle 67 N° 52-20

Medellin - Colombia.

Strategic location, whit easy access to all of

the city's points of interest.



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Get access to NodeConf Colombia at Ruta N’s complex on June 21st & 22nd with national and international speakers, goodie bag, live translation services (ES ➡︎ EN :: EN ➡︎ ES) and the opportunity to participate in Code+Learn and start contributing to the Node.js project!

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